Increase of intravaginal latency time IVLT after having orgasm is a well established fact. During orgasm neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocine , beta endorphin are released Serotonin and endorphins are known to have delaying effect on orgasm. Sexual tension is released during phase of orgasm. However, some time abrupt release of any form of internal tension is considered as some variant of orgasm. These variants may include relaxation after heavy exercise, wild laughing, and bitter crying, cold and warm shower and etc .Orgasmic variants involve release of beta endorphins.


An electronic search was made by using key words beta endorphins, orgasm, premature ejaculation .This was followed by literature review on factor effecting orgasmic function.


No systematic study about role of beta endorphin in IVLT was found. Half life of beta endorphin was found to be 37 minuets.

In all those activities in which sympathetic activity is dropped suddenly due to relieving of stress may be considered as orgasmic variant .Euphoric feeling is mediated by dopamine and beta endorphin. Chewing of red hot pepper followed by chocolate intake considerably increase beta endorphin in the body by dual mechanism. Intercourse after dance party can help delay orgasm. Time lag between application f orgasmic variant technique and release of beta endorphin depend on modality adopted and individual difference. Intercourse can be performed with in 37 minuets after release of beta endorphin.


With other sex therapies systematic use of orgasmic variant can be use full in treatment of PME