Dr Muhammad Haris Burki MBBS ,PhD(sexology)
Sex is most sensitive indicator of health. It lies at cross road of physical, psychological and spiritual well being. Good health leads to good sex .Moreover good sex give you good health. Sex includes both masturbation and partner sex.
Sex is most sensitive issue which gets disturbed with trivial disturbance in any aspect of life. Body systems like CVS, GIT,CNS endocrine system, urogenital system are intimately related to sexuality. In CVS factor like high blood pressure, athereosclerosis, i, increased cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise ,sedentary life style, depression ,high level of stresses and etc are considered as risk factor for various cardiac problems are regarded as most important cause of erectile dysfunction. Beneficial things like exercise, low cholesterol, normal blood pressure, and low stress levels are common for cardiac and sexual health. One year before hand , erectile dysfunction portend heart attack.

Hormones plays important role in maintaining normal sexual health. Hormones like testostestron, insulin, prolectine , DHEA, and thyroid are important for both sexologist and endocrinologist .Diabetes is lethal to the sexual function .It virtually destroy sex through every possible manner .Apart from impairing glucose and lipid metabolism it damages blood vessels and nerves. Intact central nervous system is very much needed for normal sex. In patients of stork sexual function are found adversely effected. Sexual functions become much impaired in diseases like Parkinsonism. In case of any insult to spinal chord sexual functions gets seriously disturbed. Sex organ are very much part of urogenital system. Symptoms of lower urinary tract have strong correlation with sexual dysfunction. It has been studied that benign prostatic hypertrophy , inflammation of prostrate or inflammation in urinary bladder severely effect sexual functions. Reason is the commonality of nerve supply in these organs. In patients on dialysis frequency of impotence as high as 85%GIT though is in not in close proximity of sexual sex organ yet we find in chronic liver disease sexual functions are disturbed. Testosterone level is low and antisex hormone prolactin is high in such patients. Traditionally constipation is associated with low sexual drive. Sexual problems are twice as common in patient of depression. In other psychiatric diseases like schizophrenia or OCD situation is much worse
Sexual activity leaves lot many beneficial effects on the health. Mortality risk is 50% lower among those who undergo two or more per week orgasms. Man and women and who enjoy intercourse have more longevity.
Orgasm is physical and spiritual phenomenon which involves secretion of many neurotransmitters and neuro endocrines including serotonin, DHEA, endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and etc. Many of the salutary effects of sex are explained on basis of these neurotransmitters. Above average of DHEA released at orgasm correlates with 15% reduction in risk of death from fetal heart disease. Higher level of testosterone in sexual active prevent heart attack. Positive correlation exist between frigidity ,sexual dissatisfaction and history of MI. Sexual activity decrease risk of cancer due to increase of oxytocin during arousal and orgasm .This is true for breast and prostate cancer. In both men and women SA bolsters immune system. Induction of sleep after SA is well known fact. Endorphins release increase pain threshold. Release of catecholamine has antidepressant and anti anxiety effect.

It can safely be concluded that sexuality is an index of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of a person. It requires holistic approach. We have to treat person first. We cannot treat sex with simple pill of Viagra .It can mask the symptoms but is unable to teat underlying pathology. System involved would continue to decline till total collapse become inevitable.