Orgasm is the most powerful rein forcer of behavior. Feelings can be spiritual in miniorgasm and sensational in complete orgasm .Orgasmic conditioning act as underlying mechanism of development of paraphilias and sex addiction.


An electronic search was made on various database websites including , pubmed ,science direct, using key words orgasm, conditioning, paraphilias. It was followed by study of literature in journals and books.

Professional websites produced only couple of studies on orgasmic conditioning. This indicates this topic is not well taken by researchers.

Orgasmic center in brain is located in para ventricular nucleus of anterior hypothalamus and medial preoptic area. Intraorgasmic EEG exhibits visible changes. Orgasm produces euphoria and alleviate anxiety, pain, muscular tension and stress . Orgasm is mediated by dopamine which also act on nucleus accumben During that process serotonin, endorphin and oxytocin are released. Oxytocin secretion start with arousal and during orgasm reaches its climax. It induces cuddling behavior which serve as basis o f physical and emotional intimacy . Orgasmic conditioning can bring about pairing of neutral stimuli with erotic sensation. . Both male and female are capable of achieving multiple orgasms after some training. Prolongation of arousal and multiorgasmic capacity can pronounce its effects. For treatment of paraphilias like fetishism and pedophilias orgasmic condition is utilized. .Positive association with healthy objects and activities can be used for treatment of various addictions.

With advanced biological understandings, orgasmic conditioning, can be used in novel ways.