Orgasm is the most powerful rein forcer of behavior. Continuum of orgasm from  mere excitation of orgasmic center to mini epileptic seizure of the body.So is the feel that can be spiritual in miniorgasm and sensational in complete orgasm .These feelings  not only direct but also can modify human behavior. Intraorgasmic EEG exhibits visible changes. Orgasmic center in brain is located in para ventricular nucleus of anterior hypothalamus and medial preoptic area. Orgasmic conditioning is a well established phenomenon.It has been cited  as underlying mechanism of development of paraphilias  and sex addiction.




An electronic search was made on various database websites including medscape, emedicine, psychinfo, and nature publisher using key words orgasm, conditioning,learning,paraphilias and oxytocin.It was followed by study of literature on orgasm in journals and books of psychology and sexology.




Orgasm  involves euphoria which is peak pleasure  and alleviation of anxiety, pain, muscular relaxation and stress  are collinear positive reinforcers.Orgasm is mediated by dopamine which also act on nucleus accumben During that process serotonin, endorphin and oxytocin are released. Serotonin has anxiolytic and antidepressant effects. Endorphine  have anxiolytic muscle relaxant   analgesic and euphoric properties. Oxytocin secretion starts during arousal and continue to increase steadily as it progress and during orgasm reaches its climax. In additions to the effects  sertonine and endrphines oxytocin induces cuddling behavior which serve as basis of physical intimacy as well as emotional involvement .For that reason is called as love hormone. Orgasmic conditioning can produce pairing of non erotic stimuli with sexual arousal.Above mentioned neuroendocrines provide physical basis for that. Orgasmic conditioning has been underutilizes by psychologist. Same can be used for treatment of paraphilias For changing of sexual orientation in patients who themselves want to.Positive association with healthy objects and activities can be used for treatment of various addictions