In OCD serotonin is considered as key neurotransmitter. However role of dopamine is not well understood. Dopamine antagonists are used as adjunct medicine in resistant type of OCD. Serotonin dampens feelings of over self consciousness in OCD .In diseases with high dopamine levels patients jettison self consciousness   and enter into state of ecstasy.  Enhanced dopaminergic   activity can possibly alleviate painful feelings of over self consciousness in OCD.


An electronic search was made to find out role of dopamine in OCD at various database website including medscape, and psychiatrist, com.


Search only revealed results of use of antidopaminergic drugs in OCD. Dopamine agonists have not been tried in treatment of OCD.


Increased dopamine levels tend to abate rigid conscious control of behavior.  There are reports of increased incidences of impulse disorder in PD patients, using dopamine agonist. In BAD dopamine over activity make actions too spontaneous. In addiction dopamine action in NA produces euphoric feelings during which conscious control is minimized. Orgasm is highly euphoric phenomenon during which one feels like melting and loosing self-consciousness is mediated by dopamine. Thus pharmacological effects of dopamine inhere property of diminishing over self consciousness a hallmark of OCD. Low doses of antipsychotic have rather facilitatory effect on neurotransmission. Hence adding dopamine agonist to SSRI resistant OCD patient can have favorable effect. Drugs like bromocriptine or lasuride may be used in such patients.


Adjunct use of dopaminergic drug can be beneficial in treatment of OCD.