“There are things that I don’t even discuss with myself. “
Konrad Adenauer

Although taken from a different context, this quote sums up how taboos can affect our inner dialogue. You might be facing a particular challenge with your sexuality or with intimacy with your partner, and you haven’t even discussed it with yourself. Maybe you have, but you still haven‘t come up with a satisfactory solution.

Considering an appointment with a sex therapist can be a decisive step. In fact, just talking about these often taboo topics can provide significant relief from any stress you might be experiencing. Some problems are more persistent and clients can try several approaches to “get rid” of them. And, of course, there are those issues that cannot be solved, but can be managed in a different, easier and more effective way.

There is a broad range of potential sexual concerns and every concern is as individual as the person

themselves. It’s for this reason that I haven’t provided a list of possible official diagnoses. Regardless of whether you’ve already been given a specific diagnosis or are seeking support for the first time, a short telephone interview is the best way for me to tell if I can provide you with a meaningful, therapeutic approach.

I also offer a special, body-oriented form of therapy, known as Psychosexual Somatics ® for women’s sexual concerns.

And now to address the terms “Man” and “Woman” used on this site. The common distinction between these two genders is by no means comprehensive of the world’s diversity. For some clients, this binary model is the actual issue, as they just don’t fit into it. No matter what your preferred sexual identification and sexual orientation, you are a person to me and it’s what you want to achieve that will be brought to the foreground