20 Years Caring About You

“Opposites attract “
“Birds of a feather flock together”
Both applies and is required in a longterm romantic relationship.


A crisis in a relationship always carries the chance for a new beginning with it. It arises due to different reasons. For example:

  • desires and needs have changed
  • a new phase of life has begun
  • long-held discontent breaks free
  • a significant other has not kept their promise

If you are in search of new paths within your relationship, talking to a third party might provide you with new perspectives and the possibility to create practical solutions as well as allow for new encounters to happen.

Marriage counseling and couples therapy is often called couples counseling. Essentially, it is like coaching a team in a way but can also serve the purpose of a mediation in case of severe disputes. Allow yourself to get support.

No Longer In The Mood ?

Maybe you have one of the following questions:

  • Where is my desire?
  • How can I enjoy sexuality again?
  • How can I free myself from feelings of shame and fear?
  • Are there any alternative options to relieve pain during intercourse?
  • What can I do if constant thoughts of sexual images disturb me?
  • Blank space ………………….. for your question.

You can learn how to have deeply satisfying, varied and exciting sex. And all that while enjoying yourself and still protecting your own boundaries; because there is a healthy kind of shame. It secures our privacy which is of the utmost importance.


Whenever a relationship is about to break or one or even both partners defines it as broken, mediation comes in.

Sex Coaching

Sexuality is an important ingredient for a romantic relationship. It is a basic need and it facilitates bonding.

Female Sexuality

Blissful states, fresh energy and creative inspiration are waiting around the corner and are the prize for a personal quest to rediscover female sexuality.

“A good partnership is the place where we find as much security as we
seek and as much freedom as we need. “
Henriette Hanke

It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But the question is, how can we achieve this? Can we do anything to create a “good partnership” or does it just automatically start when we find the “right” partner? And what about love? I’ll come back to that at the end of this page. Let’s begin with the practical part.

The initial situation: You’re in a partnership, married or unmarried, and things just cannot go on the way they are. Maybe you keep coming back to the same issues that you’ve been discussing for years and still haven’t found a solution for them. Or maybe you’ve been faced with a new situation which is jeopardising your partnership.

The burning question is: Could I or we have done something differently? Is it about guilt? Or whether it’s fair or unfair?

What is it all really about?

Couple’s coaching offers the opportunity to discover the real issue behind the actions and the arguments. What it’s all really about.

Sometimes we can better understand ourselves through couple’s coaching, because conflicts in a partnership always involve something very personal. It’s not only about the intermediate issues, it’s also about you yourself. Do you know exactly what you want and need? Have you communicated that? Have you set boundaries? Have you asked for enough space?

So how does couple’s coaching help with this? The third party in the discussion serves as a catalyst, often giving rise to practical new solutions to old issues, and sometimes allowing partners to see themselves differently and to find themselves back on the same wavelength.

If you’re looking for a new start or simply to explore the potential possibilities within your partnership, then couple’s coaching is a great idea. Couple’s coaching can also be helpful when combined with sex coaching to rekindle the passion in your relationship.

And now let’s come back to love. It grows from the foundations of a solid partnership where both partners freely give one another what they need.

Love is the child of freedom.
French saying