Burki’s Index of Dhant

Aims :
Dhant is highly prevalent disease in subcontinent. Symptoms are vague and multiple. Attempt is made to quantify severity of disease for its gradation. Tool is developed for gradation of disease and to monitor treament response.

Aim of this presentation to interpret phenomenon of dhant in light of latest medical information.
Internet search was made at pub med using key words dhant , depression, anxiety, inflammation .
Dhant syndrome is characterized by vague psychosomatic symptoms due to complaints of loss of semen by nocturnal emission through urine, masturbation or dribbling in forms of drops. Dhant is not considered as organic disease. It is considered as Indianized version of anxiety and depression. Symptoms are said to be an outcome of belief system of loss of vital power along semen. Many symptoms of dhant syndrome like weakness fatigue ,palpitation can be explained on basis of mix anxiety depression. symptoms like dribbling of drops in absence of sexual stimulation, frequent or burning micturation, frequent sexual thoughts dyspepsia constipation premature ejaculation require different mechanism to account for these symptoms. Since even depression is considered as biological disease hence dhant would having biological bases.
Chronic stress is common denominator between psychiatric and medical illness. Modulation in HPA axis results in allergies and inflammation in different systems of body .Shifting of Th1/Th2 cytokines ratio in favor of Th2 exacerbate allergies. Role of Th2 in ongoing inflammation is very important. Variable effects of acute to sub acute inflammation are seen in different system of body in different people. Entities of asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis is inflammation in without urogenitory symptoms and Urethral syndrome characterized by frequency of micturation ,dysuria and suprapubic discomfort in absence of any objective findings point toward role of inflammation with out infection Inflamed structure more sensitive and hyper reactive and secret more mucus than non inflamed tissue. Analogy can be derived from overproduction of mucus in inflammation of lungs. Inflamed urethral gland secrete mucous on minimum sexual stimulation. This inflammation also causes increased frequency of micturation. These inflamed tissues can acquire infection later on. After treatment with antibiotics these structure become oversensitive. Increased Excessive orgasms through masturbation or nocturnal emission are attempt of self medication.