Depression is ranked third among disorders responsible for global disease burden. This is biological disease having serious psychological and social consequences. Treatment response with antidepressant is between 30 to 40 percent. Preventive strategies can be more cost effective in this case. Comprehensive program based on biopsychsocial can cut down mortality and morbidity associated with depression.

Pubmed search was made to study about prevention of depression.

Different studies suggested about food exercise relaxation and social support system to prevent depression
At biological level food is first item .It should include omega 3 antioxidant,vitamin D3,B6,B12,Folic acid and fiber. Food also include that contain anti inflammatory agents .Moderate exercise has biological effects mediated by endorphins. Avoidance from proinflammatory foods like red meat, processed food ,food colors, trans fat and refined sugar is recommended. Staying away from smoking addiction and alcohol can help prevent precipitation of depression. Whole some sexual life has antianxiety and antidepressant effect through biological and psychological means.
Psychological intervention includes testing high risk population like neurotics and people with family history depression addiction bipolar or schizophrenia . Secondly teach coping strategies for stress. Cognitive re structuring for negative thoughts.
At social level greater integration with family and friend can help person .He is encouraged to share his problems.

Mediterranean food has always been considered very healthy. Essential ingredients like omega 3 is derived from fish, nuts seed oils.For fiber better have whole grains and beans. Fruit and vegetable are rich in antioxidant , vitamins and fiber. Healthy food maintain hippocampal volume which get shrunk by unhealthy food. Inflammation regardless of cause play important role in pathophysiology of depression. Increase levels of homocystine can decrease monoamine neurotransmitters.Here anti inflammatory food items like turmeric and garlic become so important. `During ar ousal phasewe have increased secr tion of oxytoocin.At orgasm dopamine serotonin endorphine are released.Hence there is both calming and antidepressant effect .Psychological support can streamline thought and begavior. Finally adjusted and integrated person enjoy high social support for important for mental health.

Before precipitation of depression every effort should be made to prevent it.