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Dr Muhammad Haris Burki is internationally renowned psychiatrist and sexologist .He is clinical expert in field of psychiatry ,sexology and addiction.Apart from being professional doctors he is also internationally reputed research scholar .Thus far he has made 107 international presentation in his fields.Dr Burki started his career in field of psychiatry.While showing promise in psychiatry he exhibted interest in sexology.This gave him distinct position in psychiatry.After PhD in sexology he started pursuing sexology as profession as well.Dr Burki has done tremendous effort for promotion of psychiatry and sexology.He along with late Professor Haroon Rashid trianing program for doctor in psychiatry in collaboration with World Psychiatric Association.In sexology through he is among pioneers of CRSM trianing program of doctors in sexual medicine.Till now hundred of doctors has been trianed from khayber to karachi.



Dr Haris Burki with Prof Rashid Latif and students of 2019 session of CRSM

Dr Burki taking viva of CRSM students in Lahore

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